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  Valencia Waffle
                                                         Painting by Thomas Hope
In addition to Mini Rex rabbits I collect one pattern of Early American Pattern Glass (EAPG) called Valencia Waffle. This pattern was originally made by Adams Glass in Ohio from 1885 to 1890 when US Glass took over the pattern and continued producing it until 1895.  I have managed to assemble a  collection of representative pieces in all 4 colors and clear.  The colors produced were Amber, a sweet honey brown with golden tones. Blue a mild clear sky blue.  Apple Green, a light green that will fluoresce a bright yellow green when held under a " Black Light ".  And Canary (also called Vaseline)  a cheerful yellow that glows  green in sunlight and fluoresces brightly under  " Black Light ". The Green and Canary both contain a little Uranium to give the color and fluorescence. Since the pattern has never been reproduced  it is comforting to know that when you do see a rare piece  you know that it is the real thing and not a modern copy.  These were made  inexpensively over 100 years ago  to use everyday,  so expect to see small chips and flakes.  Few pieces are as they were the day they were made, they reflect the use and care they received over the past 125 years.  
Check out the EAPG web site to learn  more about collecting antique patterned glass, the  varieties are endless  and some are extremely rare and expensive.
Check your Grandmother's curio cabinet  you never know  there maybe a rare item  that you just thought was an old glass dish  or pitcher.  Take the time to learn  you may discover  a new hobby.

I am looking to fill some gaps in the collection, if you have or know someone with  Blue,  Green  or Canary Valencia Waffle pieces to sell  please contact me.     Time to  let some of these piece go.  For Sale   all of the Clear and Amber pieces,  contact  me if you are intetested  in   either the CLEAR  or AMBER pieces. .

 Valencia Waffle Pitchers  in Amber.

There are four sizes in all, though no  reference book that I have seen  makes any reference to the existence of two sizes of Cream Pitchers.  Note the small pitcher has 4 rows of pattern while the large Cream has 5 rows of pattern. The small creamer was probably  part of the sugar and creamer set.

Valencia Waffle Water Pitcher in Canary

Part of my collection of Apple Green and Canary pieces, including a very rare Lamp in Apple Green. I have never seen any reference to a lamp in print yet I have this stunning Apple Green and a Clear lamp with a painted milk Glass insert for the base.  Look to the left of the page and you will find both  lamps.


7 inch low standard compote with lid.  Here we show the two different side patterns that set Valencia Waffle apart from the ordinary

9 inch True open compote. Note that the base and bowl show the alternating patterns and the fancy top edge. Considered scare in colors.

         Master Salt                      Small Cream Pitcher

Canary Water Tray, these are considered scarce

Water Pitcher. Very Impressive in the deep Canary color with natural light bringing up the green flashes.

            5 inch high Standard compote                        Butter dish

                            Compote Lid                                        Butter Lid

Butters are often confused with compotes,  note the straighter sides and  detail in the butter lid

Green Sugar                                      Green Spooner
Sugars with out lids are often confused with the Spooner.
Sugar  is  4 inches across  while the spooner is only 3 1/4 inches  across

Sugar   lid with detail.
 Celery, Spooner, Sugar , Master Salt and Salt shaker.

A variety of Sauce  and Relish dishes with  a Master Salt for size reference.  
Blue 4 inch  flat and footed sauces, 7 inch blue and green relish dishes , 4 inch Green and 3 1/2 inch Canary ***footed sauce dish.
*** unrecorded size.


Two  Clear oblong  relish , 7 inch Amber  inch relish and Amber  Pickle dish

Pickle Jars and Amber Pickle dish.   Lid to jar displays the block and Star pattern on top and plain sides.

A new find !  Just when  I thought  I would never find  one of the 4 inch sauce dishes  in Canary  I  found  3    Canary sauce dishes in a local antique mall. At  the time they  seemed a bit small  but without  a ruler in my pocket to check   I just assumed that it was my imagination.   When  we returned home we found that  these "new" dishes were only 3 1/2 inches across.  Dainty  with  outstanding definition  and fine wear to  the base  I can fine no reference to  a sauce  or berry bowl  in this size.   The photos  above   show   one of the  little Canary sauce dish   and one of  my 4 inch Apple Green  Sauce dishes.   As  you can see  the Canary dish is considerably smaller.    It is also pictured with a group  of different sizes of  Low Standard  compotes ( 8, 7, 5,  4 and  3.5 inches).   I have  High Standard  compotes in  8, 7, 6, and 5 inches  which only makes sense that there is also  a low standard compote in the 6 inch  size.

A pair of Salt shakers  in Blue with original lids and  original "Richardson Agitator".

Goblets  , master Salts  and  salt shakers   (oops  I forgot the amber one)


Syrup Pitchers in all Varieties

       Green Cake Stand  

      Blue Open Compote

Rarely seen   Canary Pickle jar
in  an Antique Castor  Frame. Details of  the Frame below              
When  I  first  obtained this  it was covered in brass colored paint.  An expert restorer  removed the paint to reveal  lovely details and  the original guilding  on the wings.

Lamps  in  any pattern  of  Early American Glass  are scarce at best.  No  book  that I have seen  or referenced  mention  the existence of lamps in  Valencia Waffle     Below are three Lamp  that I have acquired over the years.  No question  about  the pattern elements  in the font , clearly  the Block and Star portion  of Valencia Waffle . The bases vary from a nice  Valencia Waffle pattern  base to  typical  painted Milk Glass bases found in  many lamps of the period.
Each has been fitted with a period burner and chimney.

The new addition  is a Vaseline lamp with Black Glass base and a mixture of brass  and  Copper fittings.  Here the font  is in the Hexagon portion of the Valencia Waffle pattern  with a pressed diamond   insert.. c 1891 .  Stunning.


A  fifth  lamp is unusual  in  that it is a  solid glass lamp with a Block and Star  font and an unusual base.  Lamps in  Canary are very hard to  find  and one must do battle with several groups of collectors  to  secure them  for their collection.  Lamp collectors, Vaseline Glass collectors, and EAPG collectors all prize  these lamps highly.


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