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 Welcome  to The Iris Patch
Original art  please do not copy

 Here at the Iris Patch we bred  Mini Rex  from  1986  until 2011.   In June  of 2011    the last of the rabbits moved on to  new homes.  At this time we have no plans to return  to breeding rabbits.

We strive to produce top quality Mini Rex Rabbits, and our show record reflects this ideal. Since the first official showing of the breed in 1989, we have won numerous Best of Variety or Best Opposite sex of Variety and Fur classes at ARBA Conventions and National Mini Rex Specialty shows.  In addition  to  BOV and BOSV we  have won  BOB with a Blue Doe in 1991 at the ARBA Convention in Pomona California    and in 2001  we won BOS Mini Rex with a Blue  Junior Buck.  You can read more about "Brimstone "  on  "The Boys" page.
2008  We can add  a National Mini Rex    BOB   to the list    The reinging Queen is  " Iris Patch Can't Touch This"  

All of these awards have been won  with animals bred and raised by us. Wefelt that it was important  when showing at a National level show to show  our best and to only show animals bred by us.  Our reputation  had been built on these homebreds and to do otherwise  was against our  ethics.

In 1990  we took on  the process of  presenting the Chocolate Mini Rex  after  Virginia Minden  failed to  get them passed at the 1989 Convention.  If anyone thinks  the process is easy  and  will pay for it self...  you have a lot to learn.  We  worked hard  to make sure that each animal  presented  was  well within  the standard  and free of  DQs. The result   was  the Chocolate Mini Rex  completed  the process  in three consecutive  years.  The third presentation in 1992 was considered by the ARBA Standards committee to be one of the best presentations  made by any breed at the time.  The junior  doe   from  that presentation  was sold  in the NMRRC club's  24 Karat  Auction   for the record amount of  $ 900.
 ( The record still stands at $900).   My share  of that did not begin cover the cost of entries  and airfare for the Chocolates during the three presentations.  If you are considering trying to   make a presentation  of a new variety  feel  free to contact me,  I will try  to  help  you  get started on the right track.

Two of our entries from the 1995 ARBA Convention were selected to represent their Variety for the National Mini Rex Rabbit club's poster.  Dee Dee was our White Fur class winner and Joe Cool  our consignment to the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club's 24 K Auction and  second place Castor Sr Buck.   If you would like to obtain one of these posters contact the National Mini Rex Rabbit Club Storekeeper;  Margaret Potter at

Grand Champion Iris Patch Dee Dee    Grand Champion Iris Patch Joe Cool       2006 Iris Patch You'r So Vain
My how  the breed has improved since 1995!!!!                                                               not part of  the poster

Enjoy your visit to our  site  there are many pages to explore. Don't miss the links page,  there are some  great and different links to be found there.

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