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Reference  Bucks   These were  the   that bucks  we  relied upon  for many years.   

Note:  All of our rabbits are photographed  after  being set up  in a show pose and allowed  to relax.  We use a digital camera mounted on a tripod  to capture the images. Even then  the active Mini Rex will manage  to move out of the desired set up.

If you are viewing these pages with a wide angle Monitor  you need to  switch to  the alternate view on your monitor  to  see  the photographs in the correct  proportions.     Wide angle monitor stretch and flatten  images.

Iris Patch Brimstone:     6/2/2001 -2/7/2011       

  NFS        Gramps  at 7   ( do I get food for this?)
(37IPK) Blue son of Music Maker  and Sultry Mood took BOV Blue and BOS  Mini Rex at the 2001 ARBA Convention in San Diego California  over 305 bucks in competition.  He continues in a long line of homebred Blues  who have performed well at ARBA  Conventions and National Mini Rex shows .
His Eileen  litter performed  very well  at the 2005 convention  in spite of being a few weeks shy of prime coats.  One doe sold to a youth breeder placed 2nd  in the youth  and the pair  I kept placed second in very strong competition  with excellent remarks.  
His great great granddaughter  Can't Touch This    is the reining Queen of the barn.   

Schumaker's  Meios   2005-2010

Purchased to replace the late RM1  Meios was BOSV Black at the 2005 Convention.  Excellent type with outstanding density and texture.   
Best 4 Class  11/19/05    
The results  for 2006, 2007, 2008  have been excellent.  Lots of density  and compact juniors.  
Rio  4/27/08   Sid x Fiji
Iris Patch Jazz Band
Meios x Eileen

as a Jr                                                       As a Sr
1st place /33  Black Sr Buck  2008 Mini Rex Natioanls    

Black Bucks
Sharpshooter IP16W  IP30S x CA37    
7th place Sr Buck 2008 ARBA

ris Patch Prince Harry
  Can't Touch This x JAZZ
Harry lifts weights and is as hard as a rock   I need  to put a  new photo  up,  he grew into those ears.

Harry's first litters have hit the table   and the results have been excellent.
Multiple BOVs in Black and Broken   3 BOB    1 BOSB  and a BIS  

IP42S  Aaron
Blue Buck      Eileen x Brimstone          Aaron is in perpetual motion  with  his toys .

Iris Patch You'r So Vain
Gatsby x HGF72   
BOB Howard County,  Lebanon Valley
4/51 2006 ARBA Convention  

Cresthill  FIJI
Broken  Opal   out of Iris Patch Enchanted Eve  and  a super Cresthill buck  
Compact  with very good fur  and type.

Mesick/Schumaker DIVE  
65S  Johnny Reb
 Broken Blue Buck   Eileen X Brimstone    

IrisPatch Royal Touch
Dive x Monique

Iris Patch Ziggy
Your's So Vain  x  Honey

Iris Patch    Great Gatsby
C1 and IP53R   (a C1 daughter).     
BOB  West Branch   RBA
5/52  2005 ARBA Convention
His   litters  have very good color  and good type. Not many to offer  because   we cull these very hard.
Broken Black Buck: Prince  William

9/5/09    Majectic MR  BOSV  Kyle
9/6/09   West Branch  / Eric Stewart     BOSV
9/12/09  Blue Ridge WVa  Shoe 1    BOS  Yates  
9/12/09  Blue Ridge WVa Show 2       BOB  Cota
9/26/09   DelMarVa  show B  BOS   Fega
3/21/10   SMRF  Show B  BOS   Lynch
4/2/10     Richmond Ahow A  BOS   Sauter
4/2/10     Richmond Show B  BOSV   Rice

Gone but not to be forgotten.

Iris Patch Degas

8/8/07 Degas succumed to our unrelenting heat   when the  101 degree temperature broke records here in Maryland.  

King's C1

Outstanding  Castor Buck,  pure Cresthill breeding  with excellent color and type.   1st place Senior Buck  at the 2003 ARBA Convention.   He promises to  cross well with  the Castor does  that we bred in  2004 and 2003   His   litters have been outstanding rich color, deep undercolor,  excellent belly color.  June 2004  we had a surprise born,  while C1's pedigree is 3 generations of Castor   we had a Black born to a Castor doe that we knew had a Black in the 5th generation  ( black was out of 2 Castors)  Those recessives  can stay hidden for a long time.    He has passed his breeding panel testing with flying colors.  5 litters in the first round  and nearly all  have been  top show quality   sometimes it is hard to decide which one is the best.  We decided on 4 does to keep for breeding in 2005.   
One buck went home with Jan Coffelt   and one buck went home with Sandy Lowery.  
Saddly we lost C1  in December 2005.  

Iris Patch Music Maker:    
well  it is Fall  and his fur is  blowin' in the wind.
(IP94H) Black son of Iris Patch  Stop the Music out of  the last daughter of Iris Patch Polo Pony. We never bothered to show this guy too bad because he has been producing very well. His kids show record highlights: 2000 ARBA Convention: BOSV Black, 1st place Junior Blue doe, 6 and 12th place Broken Junior Does. 2001: BOV Blue and BOS Mini Rex.  Grand sire of Iris Patch Cherry Wine (BIS) We can  add  a new  star  to the list  Iris Patch Night Editor   (IP4L Blue Buck)   BIS  his first time out!
Schumaker's MEXICO:   11/22/98 -12/21/04
"hurumph!  First you brush  me  now this!"
(MEX) Castor 2nd place Castor Sr buck at the 1998 National Mini Rex in Albuquerque New Mexico. Color, fur and very laid back temperaments were his hallmark.   He died peacefully in his sleep  at the age of 6  

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