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After  35 years in Rabbits and  25  with Mini Rex   it is time to quit.
The last  of the rabbits left 6/19/2011.  I vcan refer you to   the breeders who     still  have Iris Patch Stock   Years  of dealing with  the  National  Mini Rex Rabbit  Club and  the  constant   fighting  over  nonsense.   The threats and  injury inflicted upon  one of my rabbits at the 2008 Convention , then the pain  of watching  a friend's health and eventual  death hastened by the horrific stress put upon her  but s select few  in  the NMRRC.    It is no longer an enjoyable hobby  it is a constant struggle  against  the evils  that lurk  in the shadows of the Mini Rex Club.   Advice to  anyone considering the breed,   carewful  who  you  anger,  and be aw
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