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My Favorite Links
There is a variety  of sites listed , not all are rabbits.  

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10/17/08  all links fixed.

   The American Rabbit Breeders Association

 The National Mini Rex Rabbit Club.     URL updated to the new NMRRC Site
  ( Image used with Linda's permission.)   The link has been disabled because  Linda's husband    took over  her art  against  Linda's wishes.  The result has been   people have been receiving prints damaged.    Friends have revealed  the ugly side of the marrage as one of  mental abuse  by this man.   I urge    everyone to stay away until   he  gives up  the art work.   
Linda's Thompson    was  an Internationally  known  Wild life artist,  a founding  member of the  National Mini Rex Rabbit Club and long time News Letter editor.   

Home Showbunny.....Rabbit links,  information... subscribe to the Showbunny news digest.

The Sport Rabbit Hopping Check it out!!!   Get your youth club  involved in this wonderful sport.  Link has been fixed  once again  do take a look at this Sport  you will not be disappointed!!  This is a European site  that has recently been updated with video (2005).  

 Need to know how much medication to give to your rabbit? Use the dosage calculator  to get it right.

  Horn Rapids Rabbitry Mini Rex and Belgian Hare,  great links and information.

  The Holland Lop Club

 The Spotted Beauty   English Spot Rabbits and a great deal  of useful  information.

Directory      Pedigree Name Database and Links.  Look  up  rabbitry names  many of the older rabbitries are listed.  

Datafellows   Do you ever get Emails warning you about  stuff,  or asking you to forward  it to everyone you know?  Before you believe that Bill Gates is giving away free money or computers,  check the "Data Fellows"  site for the latest news on Hoaxes, Viruses ( and how to get rid of them if you have one) and more.  Bookmark it and use it.

Calendar and more   Need to know what day April 1st falls on in 2010?

 I can't believe that you haven't been there yet!     

 Early American Pattern Glass... Ok so it isn't Rabbits.  Check out a few samples on My Valencia Waffle page.

  Tortoise Trust (UK)  Excellent information on care, housing etc. for turtles and tortoises.     

  If you think the Bettas at the pet store are beautiful  check out  the SHOW Bettas! Yes they show them too!   Chech out the Member Sites  for a real surprise.

Page Candler's  art is so imaginative and fun. The details are incredible,as a result  I  have added several of her works in my collection.

   Raku  Pottery by George Blackman.  Beauty from the fire.

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