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Photography and Art  

A  side of me most people  never see.    

A collection  of  my Photographs and other art .
Some are  landscape, some animals ,  others are pure Art.

Dragon Fly  exoskeloton.



Sandhill Crane

Spring  is here!!    Canon 100mm

We ran  away to Florida to escape the ice.

Due to   file size  and  quality  prints will not be avaiable for   photographs below

Lido Beach Feb 2006

September 2005   a full moon and a new camera:
Since so many have asked:   
Canon  S2IS with a Canon TC DC58B tele converter lens  and Canon lens adapter   
Setup  requires a stable tripod and   a clear evening sky.

February 2005  a Trip to Sarasota... an escape from the cold and snow.

December 11, 2002  brought us ice......

Holly encased  in ice.

Evening shot  of the Japaneese Maple  glazed in  1/3 inch of ice
December 5, 2002  brought us an early snow fall,  gee  December 6, 2003 looks exactly the same!

An updated view from  the kitchen

The  side  view  
By the Road

Out back  in the snow

This was a good year for the Holly

The surf and  reflections in the wet sand at Del Mar California  10/16/01

Del Mar California  2001

Del Mar California  2001

Garden shots   

The  view from the kitchen

My Art Photography

All Art Photographs are 8X12

Feather  Series


Fruit and Vegetable series


  Color Series


Drawings  and  Paintings:

The Photograph   (one of many taken)                                              The Painting

Photograph:        The Obelisk                                                        6x8        Watercolor

  Pastel Drawings


Original Bunny Pastel from the 1989 ARBA Convention NMRRC booth in Tulsa Oklahoma

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