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Sometimes you just need to have some fun  

 The Easter Bunny has been
Captured !

And He has Rex Fur!

At 10.5 inches tall  this guy  is incredible !   Circa 1900 the maker is unknown  and sadly  he is not marked .  Executed  in fine  porcelain  with glass eyes,  he has  suffered  a few bumps and breaks , but they cannot  detract from the amazing detail.  Truly a rare  survivor from a time long past when  craftsmanship meant something and the holiday was  simple and sweet.
Before I washed  half a century of  black soot from  his basket.
The detail   shows that  the basket is decorated with hand  made details.  The flowers and leave  can  only have been   added by hand  there by making this a unique  piece.
Restoration  has been strarted  and eventually  he will be displayed looking  as he looked when first made.

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