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 Reference Does.   
These are many of the does that we  used over the last  7 years.    

Note:  All of our rabbits are photographed  after  being set up  in a show pose and allowed  to relax   or set up and the photo snapped before they move  or decide to remove the carpet.

If you are viewing these pages with a wide angle Monitor  you need to  switch to  the alternate view on your monitor  to  see  the photographs in the correct  proportions.     Wide angle monitor stretch and flatten  images.

Broken Black Doe: IP33X
Tempermental  like her grandma.    Food  gimme Food,  do not get between me and my Food.
3/21/10  SMRF  NC. BOV   Lynch
3/27/10  Richmond RBA  Show A   BOV  Rice

Black    Meios x Can't Touch This

Higher Ground 8 Bells
 11/18/10  By  William   1 Black  Otter  1 Broken Black  Otter   

Reverence Does;

IP8V   Iris Patch  Can't Touch This
  @4 months
Enough with the camera already  you did this yesterday too!
The Queen  has retired  to a life  if leisure  and babies
Broken Black:  Enchanting x Degas
5/3/08      2008  National Mini Rex    BOB/1262
10/15/10  X   Scene Stealer     2 Black  Otter  does   1 Broken Black Otter  Buck  and 1 Broken Black Otter Doe    Watch  for  these little gems to hit the tables  in   2011

IP75S   Enchanting      
Broken Black Doe Village Gossip x GODS    Super nice  doe, I just never bothered to show her.   

Some of our past  Brood does

Cresthill's  Eileen
Broken Blue  Excellent head , ear, type and fur.     

IP30S  English Charm
Black doe    Pi x RM1

 Iris Patch IP56W

Iris Patch IP60W
Blue : Lass x Aaron
Iris Patch IP59W
  DreamCatcher Amelia
IP2V   Iris Patch Social Event
Blue  Lass X  Aaron
Gone but not forgotten.4/30/
IP34N Proud Tradition
 Blue  Sultry Mood x Murray   Very good Type , Color and Fur, excellent Loin  

08  x Jazz    2 Black Bucks hold 1 FJ    2 Blue  does  (Hold 1  TS)
IP46S  Celtic Charm
Black doe     Lorrie  X RM1

Iris Patch  Exotic Star    Blue 1991 -1996    Our foundation  doe   by  a super White  buck  from  Bill Ruddick  and a Blue doe  from Eric Brennen   she  set  the stage for what was to follow.   BOB 1991 ARBA convention  she was the only non Castor  ( solid or Broken)  to win BOB   at an ARBA  Convention  until 1998.   Her Grand son Iris Patch Polo Pony    produced  Iris Patch  Grand Prix

Iris Patch  Raspberry  Chocolate   1992 -1998    She was the Stunning Sr doe from the final  year of presentations  for the Chocolate Variety.   Never shown  until she was 4 years old, she was entered   to help  boost a  leg for a friend....  she took  her first and only leg  and nearly beat my prime REW show doe  for BOB  that day.   Her  legacy is in  the rabbits she produced and their  offspring.   Dancing Star,  Satin Doll  and Court Jester .

Iris Patch  Grand Prix   Broken Black    1994-1999  A Raspberry Grand Daughter  with an incredible show record.   Starting out at 10 weeks  the show was only  15 min.  from home so  we could bring her home once the junior doe class was over.....  it was not to be .. 1438 rabbits later she  took BIS and  she loved all of the attention.   As a prime Senior the following spring  she took  3 BIS  in a row  1821, 1529 &1112 rabbits in Pennsylvania, Maryland and New Jersey. She went on  to become one of our top producers.  Her  1996  litter   of three  produced:  Party Look  2 x BIS, and 3rd place Broken  SR Doe at the 1996 ARBA Convention,  Masterson  BOSV Blue 1996 ARBA  and BOV 1997 National Mini Rex  show and  IP3E  BOV Broken 1996 ARBA Convention.  Her last litter produced  Sultry Mood  ....    the legacy continued.

Iris Patch Sultry Mood 5/1/98- 11/6/04
 IP24G Blue  Grand Prix  by  Lilac Surf.  BOV  Blue  at 1998 ARBA Convention, mother to  Brimstone.  

Cresthill's Pi   2004  - 6/18/07
XBOV REW  2004  youth
Mother of the infamous tort buck Cheesecake
IP30T  Monique    4/13/06 -5/14/07

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