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My other Rabbits

I have collected porcelain, ceramic and glass rabbit figurines for many years. The collection has been limited to rabbits that look "real"  
Here I'll share some of them with you here.

These are high end Porcelains  from  some of the  finest manufactures  across the globe.  Many are very rare and very early   in the production.
 I have decided to let a few  go.  Prices are marked in   Green:   shipping and insurance is  extra.  Sorry no international sales.

These English Lops were found at an auction in 1978. I did not learn who the maker was until 2001 The German firm of Galluba and Hoffman about 1910.

  After all these years  another Galluba and Hoffman has been found!     $150

   $175   each
Dahl Jensen of Denmark designed some of the most detailed animals and birds during his lifetime. These are two of the three rabbits he designed and date from about 1960. Photograph show the actual size.

C1925        $250                                                               c 1900      $500                                                              c1925    $250
Other Dahl Jensen  rabbits made  while at Bing and Grondahl.   The center rabbit carries Dahl Jensen's   impressed signature .
Images show the figurines about actual size.       Glass  rabbit  charm    $125  

Royal Doulton Rabbits:
Royal Doulton rabbits the upright rabbit is only 2 1/5 inches tall The Glass rabbit shown in the upper photo is only 1 1/8 inch tall.

The Doulton gang   a complete set of the small "K" series and one from the larger H series.
"K" series   $100   each
H series      $100  

Rabbits  by Hutschenreuther  :
          $75              c 1930                                                                          c2000       $50   

c 1930       $75   

                                                                                            Rare Lladro Scratching rabbit     $450   

   Royal Copenhagen:
 Two color variations from Royal Copenhagen  These are about the size of a 2-3 week old Mini Rex kit.    $50   each

$100  each   
A set of   Stoneware rabbits from Royal Copenhagen. These same molds were used to produce a variety of porcelain rabbits . I guess we could call these Otters.

The Large version  of the Royal Copenhagen  Himalayan.   

                                 An actual size group shot to give you an idea of the size scale

Augarten  : Royal Vienna

 c 1936     
$ 50   small chip on foot
Augarten is probably best known for a series of 8 figures depicting the Spanish Riding School horses and riders


humm broken Sable?     $250                      $100             These two are nearly twice the size of the other brokens    $400

Hiding in the back row  is a Rosenthal  by Theo Karner   one of Germany's premier  artists from the early 1900's


A very interesting Rosenthal  from about 1930..   note the long  coat around the neck  and rump    Resembles a Double Maned Lionhead.   signed by  artist Rohring  .


German made....  classic English lop  type.

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