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The Turkey awards   are no more.   
They were fun while it lasted.
Report  2010:
Distorted  has been reported missing.    For some unknown  reason  Distorted  failed to make   her  expected  appearence at  the 2010 Convention.    In 2009  she went home with the   winner  of  the 2008 Turkey  award  so there is fear  that  Distorted  may have met   a similar fate  as  "turkey 2008".

RIP  Turkey 2008.  

Eye witness reports that  little turkey  2008  was brutally beaten  shortly after the 2008 Banquet.  Witnesses saw him  kicked and stomped  as he was getting off the elevator.  The brutal beating continued thru the night.  His beaten a battered body left  behind as the perpetrator and his  entourage  left the scene.   What kind of person  beats a little defenseless  "turkey" ?    

2008  saw a bumper crop of Turkeys:
Judy Press,  two of her torts changed sex, Brad Edmondson,  his Sable Points  changed sex right after he sent in the entry.  Linda Tripp,  yep you guessed it  one of hers changed sex  after making the entry.     Sandy Lowry... oh gee  was  Joel's little daughter upset that her lunch was squashed.   Maple Kelly   they were wondering why the Castor Junior class was short  15 rabbits,  the carry tickets were in her pocket.  

2007 Turkey  Awards:
Grand Turkey  winner:  Sue Monahan  for her  Chocolate Junior Doe  who presented her with a litter  Wednesday morning.   ( just one more thing to check for  before leaving home)   Two weeks later  at a show in Maryland  one of her "does" was sent off for having the wrong "plumbing"!  
2007 Honorable mentions:  Eric Stewart  (again)  for an Otter doe  who happened to turn into a buck!  Pat Vezino  who for 2 years in a row entered  a junior doe  only to find out before judging that they had turned into   bucks.  And our illustrious Judge Eric Bengston  who after being introduced to  Distorted,  her story and being photographed with her  during Monday's judging, told us on Tuesday he did not know who Distorted was.   Our youth winner Sara Compart  for trying to tell us that a molting Tort was like a broken without the white.   The youth  really showed up the adults,  every rabbit was sexed correctly!  

2007  for the tidy sum of  $410  Distorted  will be spending   a year in District 9    so  watch  for her at  a show near you.

Since the beginning of the Mini Rex Club  we have poked fun at ourselves  for one thing or another.  Remember  anyone can win one of these awards!  

The List has included:
Golden Turkeys:   Entering  a rabbit  as the wrong sex.
 Winners include:  not all of them but some. ( humm do you see a pattern there?)
    Monna Berryhill    (she was a judge back then)
    Mike Avesing  
     Bobby Walker  twice!  
     Karen Heintz   
     Eric Stewart   ( 2005,  2007)
    Janis  Fossati  (199?, 2007)
     Pat Vezino ( 2006, 2007)
Path Finder:  for those who  keep getting lost:
     Linda Thompson
     Karen Heintz   

Resurrection Award:  Well that rabbit looked dead to me!  2001
 Jerry Parks ( finder)  and Karen Heintz  ( who's touch brought him back to life)

Nest Box:  oops  that doe was pregnant   1990
    Gloria Middleton   

This one was so good we had to include it
Great  Turkeys:  who missed the banquet 2005  
   Jan Coffelt:  
          Entering the same Blue Eyed White rabbit twice.  

Grand Turkeys  our highest honor.
Linda Thompson:  2005
       Giving out the wrong time because her watch was up side down.  
Starting in 2005  we tried something different. The winners were selected from a list nominated by NMRRC members. Their eyes and ears caught  many  turkeys  that would other wise have been over looked.  The  winner had the option of picking a mystery bag   from a group of 3 bags, the remaining 2 bags were auctioned off.   The result was a resounding success.  We haven't laughed so hard in years,  Imagine  Joey Schultz paying $300  for  a one of a kind   curly coated ceramic Rabbit!  
Only to donate it back  with Jim Rowland  taking it home and naming it "Distorted".   
You must read the NMRRC newsletter  to follow  the escapades  of "DISTORTED" .
Distorted  goes home with Pat   Vezino  for  an undisclosed sum.
  Distorted  partying with one of many  at the Hilton.

Doug King bought   Bag #2    with a porcelain Turkey box  containing the gold nuggets.    
Judy Press Bought Bag #3    with gold river rocks ( Thanks Jim for your creative  art work).
Runner up  for Grand Turkey 2006  was  our Crying Towel winner Jeremy Watmuff  for failing to check the sex on his presentation Smoke Pearls.
The 2006  Grand Turkey is non other than    the grand master himself  Joey Schults.  For failing to check the sex of his Broken Sr Doe.  

For 2008  who knows what the committee will come up with.  One thing is for sure  Distorted has become  very  popular  and people fight for the opportunity to be photographed with her and to have the honor of  entertaining her for   a year.  Start saving  for your chance to   join  the Distorted club.    The Winner   was deserving  but shall remain nameless.  Those who attended the banquet know  who the winner was.  

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